Bayes Records in July 1964, not long before the name change to Bayes Recordium.

Above the shop was the recording studio where just about all local bands recorded.


Dodman's engineering  on Gaywood Road, adjacent to the Dock railway line.

Both pictures taken from 'King's Lynn in Colour' (volume 1).

Below: Sedgeford lane looking towards Tower Street and opposite South Clough Lane. The pub, The Foresters Arms, closed in August 1969. From 'More Memories of Lynn'.

Below: A view of High Street in c1937 looking north from Saturday Market Place. Picture taken from 'King's Lynn, A Street Directory, 1933'.

Below: At 347, Wootton Road was Blake Bros.(cycles, motorcycles and blacksmiths).They also delivered paraffin to those in the country who still did not have electricity.

Photo taken from 'More Memories of Lynn'.

Below: Chilvers Bros. (Austin Street)were also cycle  retailers. In the 1920sand 1930s they also sold petrol.

Picture taken from 'King's Lynn Street Directory, 1933.

 Both photos below are from the latest book 'King's Lynn in Colour'

Below left: Broad Street in 1967 looking towards the GPO.                                                                      Below right: High Street c1971 just after mid day on a summer Saturday.

 Below left:                                                                                                                                                    Below right:

The Duke of Edinburgh visits Campbell's 3rd November 1978. From 'More Memories of Lynn'.                             Looking down the north side of Windsor Road towards London Road in the 1960s.

                                                                                                                    Both photos taken from 'More Memories of Lynn'.

Below: St James Road looking towards Railway Road. From 'King's Lynn in Colour (volume 1).

Above: Austin Street in 1973. The Co-op Model Dairy is being demolished.

Right: St Ann's Street in 1975. Down on the corner is The Naval Reserve pub, now True's Yard.

The tall building was built in 1881 and was the first in Lynn to become a very different drinking establishment to the pub! Buy the book to find out which drink!

Both photos are from 'King's Lynn in Colour (combined volumes 2 and 3)'