Above: Valingers Road 1954

                             Above: JH Ladyman & Co, High Street c1960

                                     Above: King Street 1946

                           Above: Alderman Cataleugh School 1961

Above: St James Infants May Day c1953 (from King's Lynn Schools) 

Above: Reffley school, class photo 1983. 

Above: Ignoring the 'keep left' in the 1960s at the junction of Tower Street & Baxter's Plain.

From More Memories of Lynn.  

Above:St James Street 1954.

Left: The East Anglian Hotel (from King's Lynn in Colour combined volumes 2&3)

                                             Above: Baker Lane 1960

                         Above: Chapel Lane from St Nicholas churchyard 1956 

                                         Above: Tower Street 1959

Above: Gaywood Park Girls 1971 (taken from King's Lynn Schools) 

Above: Miles Square/Court, Chapel Street 1934. For a useful complete street directory of the town - 'King's Lynn, An Illustrated Street Directory, 1933' is still available but stock is now limited.  

 Above: A signalman's view from Harbour Junction signal box April 1984. The DMU heads for Ely along the recently singled line. From More Memories of Lynn.

 Below left: North Street in 1935.

Above: Bus at Wootton Gap ready to return to the Millfleet.

Both pictures from King's Lynn Street Directory, 1933.

Below: The Flower Pot pub (from King's Lynn in Colour (volume 1).